Last updated on: 08/08/2005

Campaign Area
   The party will be gathered in Marsharbor, a small town on the edge of a large marsh at the mouth of the Dragontears river.  The primary income in Marsharbor is provided by the harbor, used as a stop-over by merchants traveling to/from the cities up river and the coastal cities.
    Other nearby population centers are Kemp, a medium-sized fishing village; Celdran's Point, a large whaling town; Kalemanton, a large, walled city serving as a major sea port; Balitor, gateway to the southern kingdoms and center of power in this area; and the magical stronghold called Eldoran's Tower, a huge, mysterious spire carved from the granite mountains where hundreds of magic using beings train and research.
    The forests to the west are home to a few small sequoia and oak elf villages and there are rumors of a new dwarven enclave being excavated in the coastal mountains, although that has not as yet been confirmed.
    To give you a sense of scale of the map, the road distance from Marsharbor to Kemp is about 40 miles; a horse rider can make it there in about 9 hours if he doesn't stop.


Ability Scores
    Simply put, you have 80 points to distribute amoung the stats.  No stat may be lower than 10.

Race and Classes
    Classes and races are closely tied together on Deglathorn; the two should be chosen at the same time.  Also, you will be starting with 2000 experience points, so if you choose to play a multi-class character, only the first has to be one of your racial classes.  If you want to play a barbarian, it must be the first class chosen if you are making a multi-class character, unless the other class is also allowed by your chosen race.  Other than that, the classes are pretty much as listed in the Player’s Handbook.
    Half-orc is no longer a choice.  I have a problem with elves and humans cross-breeding, let alone orcs and humans, but I’ll leave in half-elf.  Half-elves are a special case, of course, they’re listed at the end.  If you wanted to play a half-orc, sorry.  The races detailed below are geographically different, but since they are also all on one continent there isn’t a problem with a party of widely varied races.  Also, the races below have no special hatred for any of the other races; each of them are at war with the goblinoid races, the dragons, and the giants.  All of the player races are on friendly terms with each other.
    Obviously, some of the classes will have limitations.  Kelp elf Rangers will have very limited tracking, but will have fish and sea animal affinities, etc.  When I look over your characters I’ll let you know if you need to modify or choose a different skill based on race/class.

DWARVES ELVES GNOMES HALFLINGS HUMANS     All human races have the same basic stats as given in the PHB, except as noted below.  The main differences are cultural, obviously. HALF ELVES
    Half-elves are very rare in Deglathorn, due to the incredibly small odds that a pairing between a human and an elf will result in conception.  This is a physiological thing, it’s just damn hard for any cross-breeding to happen, despite the relatively large number of elf-human pairings.  Therefor, half-elves are considered to be special gifts from the gods, not social outcasts.  Half-elves do find themselves treated differently than others around them, and so may be subject to the same kinds of motivations as given in the PHB. NOTE: Half-elves are sterile.
    A half-elf character must choose a parentage from the choices below, choosing at the same time which race was prevelant during childhood.  Only classes available to the prevelant race can be taken at 1st level.  Stats are identicle to those given in the PHB.
Garadan / Grass Ingelan / Ivy Orian / Tree (Banyan)
Garadan / Ivy Ingelan / Moss Sulikan / Tree (Banyan)
Garadan / Moss Ingelan / Tree ( Sequoia, Oak) Tavatan / Grass
Garadan / Tree (Sequoia) Orian / Grass Tavatan / Ivy
Ingelan / Grass Orian / Moss Tavatan / Tree (Sequoia)

Other Notes

Starting Money:
    Your character has 1000 GPs to spend on posessions; use the prices listed in the PHB.  Yes, you can buy magic items if you can afford it, but remember you will also need the basics like food, etc.  The adventurers outfit is free, everything else comes out of the 1000 GPs.
    I suggest healing potions, everburning torches, and scrolls if you’re a spell caster.  Masterwork armor and weapons would also come in handy.  Oh yeah, spellcasters with a familiar start with 900 GPs, not 1000.

    The prerequisites for the Magic Item Creation feats are messed up!!  I still haven’t seen official word about it from WotC, so I’m making a house rule:

Feat Prerequisite
Scribe Scroll Spellcaster level 1+
Brew Potion Spellcaster level 1+
Craft Wand Spellcaster level 3+
Craft Wondrous Item Spellcaster level 3+
Feat Prerequisite
Forge Ring Spellcaster level 3+
Craft Magic Arms and Armor Spellcaster level 5+
Craft Rod Spellcaster level 5+
Craft Staff Spellcaster level 7+

    I also think the skill points assigned to class level ups are on the low side; I’m adding one to the listed number of skills gained at level up for most classes, as follows:

Barbarian 5 + Int Mod
Bard 5 + Int Mod
Cleric 3 + Int Mod
Druid 5 + Int Mod
Fighter 3 + Int Mod
Monk 5 + Int Mod
Paladin 3 + Int Mod
Ranger 5 + Int Mod
Rogue 8 + Int Mod
Sorcerer 4 + Int Mod
Wizard 3 + Int Mod

This is for leveling up only!!  1st level characters use the listed number in the PHB.