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The dieties of Shatterlands are ascended dragons. The seven gods and goddesses represent different aspects of the world, not necessarily the dragons themselves. The gods are not immortal, they participate in conflicts that can sometimes result in their death.

When a position becomes vacant, any ancient dragon that feels so compelled will compete with the others for the right to ascend. Sometimes this competition spills out onto the world, involving thousands of mortal creatures. Normally however, if any mortals get involved it's only a handful of champions aiding one or another dragon in the competition.

All thinking beings on Shatterlands are very much aware of the gods, but none are compelled to worship any of them. Some people may say prayers for protection or fertility, but it is known that such prayers are not answered by gods directly. Churches are very rare, occuring only on very large earthmotes with large populations.

Clierics are the exception, of course, as well as some Paladins who choose to dedicate themselves to one or more of the deities. The devine domain chosed by a cleric dictates which deity they channel their spells through. If a specific deity has died and has not yet been replaced, the cleric simply focuses on another diety within the same domain.

The MotherGoddess of Life, Fertility, and NatureGrave, Life, Light, NatureGreen Dragon
The FatherGod of Justice and CharityLight, Order, PeaceSilver Dragon
The WarriorGod of Courage, Protection and DisciplineOrder, Tempest, Twilight, WarRed Dragon
The MaidenGoddess of Wealth, Love and BeautyLife, Nature, PeaceGold Dragon
The SmithGod of Crafting and StrengthForge, Light, Twilight, WarCopper Dragon
The CroneGoddess of Wisdom, Foresight and TrickeryKnowledge, Trickery, WarWhite Dragon
The StrangerGod of the Dead, Cruelty and DeceitDeath, Grave, Life, Trickery, TwilightBlack Dragon

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